How many bibs does a child need? We think 2 bibs per child at minimum. BUT... with all our gorgeous colours, the more the better! Pack one in your bag, take one to the grandparents and still have a few to coordinate with your little one's outfits!
What are your bibs made of? Our bibs are made of 100% food grade silicone. They are non toxic and BPA free!
How did the name Rommer come about? We have two little girls, Rosie and Summer. So we put their names together to create our brand name. We loved it when we heard it as it wasn't too kid-like. Exactly what we aim for our products. Child friendly, but fitting for the modern, design focused home.

My friend is having a baby. Should I buy her a bib? ABSOLUTELY! Rommer bibs make the perfect baby shower gift. They are super practical and something she will definitely use and love.  



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