We sat down with the Perth based Rommer Creator and busy Mum of two to find out how she juggles parenting, running two small businesses, what her own childhood was like and what inspires (and saddens) her most! We also asked her what her favourite coloured bib is!

1. Where did you and Beau meet? 

I was living in London and when I came back, my best friend had a new boyfriend... Beau was his best friend. We were friends for a long time before getting together. Our best friends are now married and we have kids only months apart.

2. If you could book a plane ticket tomorrow, where would it be to?

Positano for sure! We are hanging to get to Italy and immerse ourselves in pizza, pasta and all that Italian culture!

3. Describe your childhood.

Pretty standard! I grew up doing normal sports like tee ball and dancing. I spent heaps of time with my grandparents which I absolutely loved. Pop would take me to the local pool in Summer and spend the entire day sitting on the bench watching me swim. He never rushed us to leave, we were always there until closing time. As an adult, with a million chores on my list daily, I really think back to that and admire his patience. We were allowed to be kids!

 4. What makes you and Beau a good team?

We laugh A LOT. Humour is everything in our house! We have really strong work ethics. We respect each other and genuinely love doing things together. Be it cooking, renovating or starting Rommer! We are also really hands on! That’s not to say we are the same though. I am glass half empty, Beau is glass overfilling! Beau finds the positive in every situation while I can get caught up in all the negative hiccups. He calms me and I probably push him to strive for more. We want to teach our girls to always work hard, and to be good humans along the way.

5. For your final meal ever, what would you chose?

Hands down it would have to be my Mum's Lamb Pasta which I smother in Pecorino cheese. We always serve it with a side of “Salatu” which is basically Iceberg Lettuce dressed in Olive Oil, Salt and White Wine Vinegar. Rosie asks for Salatu daily! It’s so fresh and delicious. 

6. What is the best thing about being a parent?

Ah! Hard question... I just get so much joy from seeing them smile. It’s so contagious! Watching them grow, and meeting their multiple personalities along the way. I love newborns because they need you so much, and then I love toddlers because they are hilarious and discovering new things daily! The conversations are so cute, and once they can tell you they love you without you prompting them…that feels so special!

7. What’s the hardest?

Trying to reason with a 2/3 year old! There’s no reasoning! And I don’t think I am overly tolerant of meltdowns!

8. How do you balance the roles of Mum, Hairdressing and Rommer?

I have been hairdressing since my babies were 7 weeks old. Throw in normal life admin, chores and launching Rommer and I feel time poor and that I’m never giving 100% to anything. I don’t have “Mum guilt” for working but I do hate the fact that the kids see me on my phone so much. Our business relies on Phones/Instagram/Emails. It requires more effort on our behalf to set boundaries but in a new start up business that all goes out the window! My goal is to keep developing beautiful products and as time goes on, hopefully get better at scheduling my time!

9. What is your favourite quality in each of your kids?

Rosie is funny! She makes us laugh daily. And seeing as we really cherish humour in our house, she fits in well! Summer just has to hear music and her shoulders start moving. She’s got a smile across her face and she’s bopping away! I hope as she’s older she always finds music a mood lifter… It is for me!

10. What inspires you?

I love interiors, I always have! And not just homes, but retail shops, cafes, basically any ‘space’ that can make you feel something. I love good design/quality, appreciate fine detail and always have been drawn to the story behind something! I love that people are more aware of what we consume, both the environmental impact it has, and who made it. I feel like as soon as you have children, your house is taken over with unnecessary brightly coloured things! I want only to create things that families actually need and that suits the aesthetic of the modern home.

11. What saddens you?

Beau sitting on the couch. Haha, he told me to write that. But honestly, tragedy. The news makes me so sad. I’m extremely empathetic so I feel so upset hearing about sudden tragedy.

 12. Which celeb would you love to have dinner with?

I’m pretty keen to sit down with Lady Gaga and get the goss on Bradley Cooper. I LOVED A Star is Born and totally bought their chemistry. I just want to know.. did you guys develop a bit of a thing for each other? Did he leave Irena for you??  What’s the go Gaga??? Tell me ALL!

13. What are three things you can't live without?

Mascara, Olive oil and my Dymo label printer. 

14. And finally we have to ask...what is YOUR favourite bib colour from the Rommer range?

Ooooh it would have to be a close call between Nude and Oyster!